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Okay, so I haven’t travelled across the globe, but it is my goal. Also, I have accommodated everything to that goal, and I hope to achieve it. For the time moment, I am more than glad to be able to share the stories and experiences from my travels so far. Today, I would like to blog a little about hotels I have visited so far and more importantly give you an insight on what to search for when looking for a hotel to stay at.

Reads Hotel

So far, I have been in numerous hotels. There have been so many of them that I have lost count. Still, one hotel which holds a special place in my memory and my heart is Reads Hotel. This hotel is also a perfect representation of what a hotel should be, and I will use this shining example to explain a little bit further into detail what a hotel should be like and what you should expect vs. what is a luxury to expect from a hotel.

Decent Food

The hotel should be able to provide you with decent food. It is certainly the first prerequisite to staying somewhere. If you are already paying for the stay and the food, it should at least be edible. That being said, this is not the case with many hotels. In case you are looking for unique or luxurious services you will certainly be expecting something grand, so it often comes down to your expectations as well. Still, you should be able to get decent food.


Furniture should not be brand new nor should it be never used before, simply it is enough for the furniture to be decent and not completely ruined. What I would like to emphasize though is the cleanliness of the sheets and other furniture covers. This is something which is impeccable when it comes to Reads Hotel. This is pretty rare as well. Still, it is quite sad that people cannot expect their beddings to be decent.


Whenever I have visited a hotel, I was fully prepared to make compromises regarding hygiene, simply because I have outstandingly high hygiene standards. This was not the case with Reads Hotel. Hygiene is impeccable and just as I would have it.


Another thing to look at when looking for a hotel is its very location. Whether the hotel is near the city center or on the outskirts of town will depend on your preference. Still, it should be what you need. So, make sure you look into all possibilities as well as transportation options before booking a hotel. In addition to that, I must add that Reads Hotel offers great services and that for people who are looking for the best of all worlds it is a great solution.

What is your favorite hotel and why? Could I write us comments down below about the topics you would like to read about? Thank you for reading our blog!